Smart to know what matters is
how you look to those around you.
The way to get by is to appear to be strong.
Belligerence is just part of the make-up
‘Til you don’t wake up from what’s gone wrong.

He accepted the command to obey, even as it was destroying him.
He believed he owed an oath of fealty to those who enjoyed
to those whom employed him.
Mother said:
“Your father? He is dead.”
Those men in her bed
were only a means to an end.
No one to defend him.
He must mend his ruly ways.
He must pretend to be
unruly and unfazed
absolutely unafraid.
What rage so gestates over years?
Weakened age outpaces death
among his fears.
If fate would just be a dear
she might relinquish him from either.
Laugh devilishly.
Fate is not kind.  She is a jokester.
Some folks well deserve their joke.
Some just come along
for the ride.

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